Finland is a rapidly developing country in Northern Europe. Finland traditionally attracts foreign investors with its convenient geographical location, natural resources, high standard of living and, of course, stability in the economy and politics. Ecologically clean air, pure and rich abundance of fish ponds, ski resorts and, of course, excellent service. All this makes Finland the most attractive destination for people from all over the world.

Finland’s housing market looks set fair for 2016, having ended 2015 on a positive note. Although house price growth remains slow, construction activity has been rising. It should be noted that the state plays a prominent role in the Finland real estate market, especially construction of new houses. Out of approximately 800,000 rental homes in Finland, slightly more than half have been constructed with state subsidies.

Like life itself in this country, buying and selling real estate are absolutely safe, too. The provisions of the legislation are clear and understandable. Real estate brokers in Finland work under the same principle as the brokers of large global real estate networks, i.e. as sales representatives. Thus, we are sure that the principles of CAPITAL business would be acceptable in Finland.

Almost all real estate brokers in Finland are professional, efficient and ethical. It is normal for people to turn to real estate brokers. However, in this seemingly ideal real estate market, buyers find it very difficult to find information on real estate for sale or rent on the Internet and sometimes it is just not possible without broker’s assistance.

We live in the information society and people are increasingly interested in and are searching for information on real estate online. CAPITAL brokers provide their customers with the opportunity to easily find information on real estate for sale or rent on the web portals.

CAPITAL always keeps the quality of agency services and guarantees compliance with standards of practice. The main objective in Finland is to bring transparency to the market and make real estate information more accessible to those who need it.

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