Poland is considered one of the best European countries to invest in. With record-low interest rates, constrained supply, and new housing programs stimulating demand, Poland´s housing market is gaining momentum. In last year alone the market has reached the pre-economic crisis period and the economist predict further economical growth. The increase in new built developments has been growing  rapidly and they all have been successfully sold out. In 2014 the Government started a programme for families, which boosts demand.

A survey by auditing firm Ernst and Young  concluded that Poland ranks as the most attractive property market in Europe. The commercial-property market is one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. An increasing number of new investors from the U.S., Asia and other parts of the world are striking commercial real-estate deals in Poland. Investors are attracted to Poland partly because the country pulled through the financial crisis stronger than most.

Brokers market in Poland is very versatile. There are large differences in service quality and reliability. Although it’s rare to find a property online that’s advertised without brokers involvement.

CAPITAL can offer the best working conditions for brokers in the Polish market. The current tendency is that the majority of existent Real Estate franchisees offer brokers ordinary conditions that don’t vary much from each other. Local experts do admit that the market lacks of innovative ideas. Capital could be the right Brand for Poland, bringing quality, trust and new innovative way of dealing with clients.

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