Spain – is one of the most attractive Real Estate markets in European Union. Markets are changing rapidly, and in recent years the real estate sector has shifted to a very different model, with new players, a greater variety of products and new approaches to management and financing.

Spain’s housing market continues to recover, amidst continuous improvement in economic conditions. This improvement in property transactions is mainly driven by foreign property buyers, buying luxury homes on the coast and in the biggest cities of Spain. Buyers are realizing the market has hit rock bottom and are waiting the market recovery.

With unemployment falling, the economy growing faster than predicted and property reaching the bottom, 2015 was the break year for Spain´s property market.  After seven year in the doldrums, Spain’s real estate market looks finally set to gain steam in months to come.

This country is the most popular destination for British and Irish buyers looking for holiday homes or a new life in the sun. It is also the most popular destination for Germans and Scandinavians, and increasingly for buyers from Eastern Europe too. This means that the Spanish property market can be segmented by buyer nationality, and many agents respond to this fact by targeting whichever nationality they are best positioned to sell to.

Real Estate Agency in Spain vary from one-person affairs working out of a car with a mobile phone and a website, to big companies with hundreds of staff and annual turnover in the tens of millions of Euros. It’s very easy to set up as an estate agent in Spain.

Spanish Real Estate market is closely connected to UK market not only because of the buyers. Thousands of British-run estate agents have sprung up in Spain. Majority of properties are sold through real estate agents in Spain very similar to UK. However brokers in Spain rarely pay attention to the quality of the object presentation.

Usually the details provided by estate agents are sparse and few agents provide detailed descriptions of properties. Often there’s no photograph and even when there is, it usually doesn’t do a property justice. Considering that, this is where Capital Brokers are far more professional – providing potential clients with a lot more information and adding value to their service.

Most brokers offer subsidiary and ‘after-sales’ services and will help their clients obtain legal advice and arrange insurance, utilities, interior decorators and builders. Capital seeks to provide their clients with complex services which will be unique in the local real estate market.

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