French market in 2015 has only began to recover after years of stagnation and fall. The level of housebuilding in France each year is impressive, and last year it started to grow. The scope of residential real estate construction in France is approximately two times higher than in the UK, which is one of the most active markets in the world. The scale of conversion and renovation of existing buildings is also fascinating. Economists already observe the first signs of property price rise and the increasing number of real estate transactions. All this shows that the French real estate market is now in a recovery phase and should fully recover before 2017.

Real estate brokers of the country predict that the foreign buyers will return to France. Some real estate brokerage companies are oriented specifically to such buyers and are actively looking for customers in foreign countries such as Germany, Spain, and Great Britain. CAPITAL Realty actively encourages its brokers to cooperate, so the opportunity for brokers from different countries to collaborate would certainly help CAPITAL to gain a foothold in France.

Real estate activity in France is strictly regulated and licensed. Brokers must constantly improve their skills and knowledge to successfully survive in the market and be able to legally perform the business. CAPITAL Realty gives brokers the opportunity to learn and devotes a considerable attention to this aspect. We seek that CAPITAL brokers provide only high-quality service to their customers and be
considered true professionals in this field on each and every market.

We are looking for partners willing to be the first CAPITAL brokers, who would aggressively enter the recovering French real estate market.

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