Georgia is a country, which makes enormous amount of efforts to improve the business climate in the country. Georgia is considered a politically stable, corruption-free investment destination with low business costs. Real estate sector is one of the main drivers of Georgia’s economy. Over the recent years, Georgia has seen a dynamic growth of international visitors – the growth rates of international tourist arrivals during last three years are one of the highest among European countries. Growth of house prices in Batumi is demonstrating fairly high dynamics, but the prices still remain at a very reasonable level.

There are no Real Estate Ownership Restrictions. Local laws allow foreigners buy any property freely. And it’s much easier than in many other countries. Georgian legislation creates very favorable conditions for foreign investments. These reasons have led to Georgia becoming one of the first countries to take interest in Capital Realty franchise oriented of rapid development.

Georgia’s brokerage market can be described as a little wild. It does not have much of a uniform way to sell real estate. Old brokers love the freedom that comes with a total lack of regulation. CAPITAL seeks that the network brokers provide only high-quality services and operate in accordance with the standards. Thus, the brokers that comply with such work principles would help to regulate the real estate brokerage market in Georgia and take it to a higher level.

We think that Georgia is headed in the right direction and it’s a perfect place if you’re starting a real estate business.


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