India is the second most populous country in the world. With the increasing migration and urbanization rate in the country, the real estate demand in India is becoming higher. After several years of downfall, the year of 2015 has already demonstrated a noticeable market recovery. Real estate developers are becoming more active in all regions of India. Their plans for the next 3 to 5 years contain numerous new residential and commercial projects, which should at least partially meet the growing demand for real estate in India. The recovering and growing real estate market in India is becoming more attractive to real estate investors. The return on investment index in particularly high here. The ambitious CAPITAL REALTY franchise is very interested in this market.

While the Indian real estate market is one of the most active in the world, but the real estate brokerage market in one of the weakest in this country. Anyone can become a broker as there is no licensing or certification, even no rules. Given the vastness of the property markets in India and the difference in protocol as through geographical boundaries, the dealers work mostly on regional basis, with their contacts generally limited to a particular city or clusters of cities.

Since anyone can become a broker, competition in this area is huge. One of the major competitive advantages on the Indian market is the use of technology. Indian real estate market for several years has been having technological breakthroughs. This is the factor that pushes the old-fashioned non-professional brokers out of the market. This is another factor making the Indian real estate market more attractive to CAPITAL REALTY franchise, which propagates and introduces innovation in the real estate market.

Indian Real Estate market is growing and getting more professional and regulated. With the advent of technology and the service industry becoming more and more competitive, a new wave of organized realty brokers with corporate offices have hit the industry. These are people who are more educated, professionally managed, better networked, tech savvy and better capacitated to play in volumes. Real estate developers are willing to cooperate with brokers and understand the benefits of their services.

Technologies and large organized players have changed the appearance of the Indian real estate market.

The industry is certainly changing from a broker driven one to a customer centric one where the time and preferences of the customer are the key factors. The quality- and innovation-oriented European perspective of CAPITAL REALTY would bring even more new ideas and professionalism in this market, which is still evolving and has a huge potential but is not yet sufficiently organized. Our goal is to become the best super brokers in India.

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