The capital of Ireland remains the second best city in Europe for real estate investment and development.Real estate prices in Ireland have been rising rapidly already several years in a row. However, the prices are still significantly lower than during the peak of the crisis in 2007. Strong rental growth is based on low supply, employment growth and an improving economy. Office rents and values are recovering strongly but still have some way to go before they reach their pre-crisis peak.

Irish estate agents are regulated by law and must be professionally qualified and licensed. Harsh regulation brings transparency to the market and changes people’s attitude towards brokers making them trust and address brokers.

Irish real estate brokers work closely with brokers from other countries, especially Great Britain, Italy, and Germany. CAPITAL actively promotes cooperation between the brokers, so such approach of Irish brokers to cooperation opens up even more options in view of the expansion of the international CAPITAL network.

Efforts of Irish brokers and the quality of investment in advertising are minimum. The details provided by the Irish estate agents are sparse. Often there are no photos and, even when there are, it usually does not do a property justice. Only the best agents provide an abundance of information. CAPITAL approach to completeness of information and quality of ads would be one of the key competitive advantages on the Irish market.

The range of services offered by the Irish brokers is also significantly different from the services provided by the brokers, which are defined in the CAPITAL standards. CAPITAL devotes more attention to its customers, participates in all property assessments, and works in the evenings and on weekends, which the Irish brokers usually cannot offer.

Ireland real estate has more than you could imagine. Amazing land, ideal weather and cultural discovery are just some of the features in Ireland. Vacation homes and investment possibilities are other highlights. If you’re looking for your next global adventure, finding real estate business in Ireland is a great start.

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