Our team
Dmitrij Semionov
Dmitrij - a man in demand when it comes to serious business. His authority and experience is valuable throughout the company. He's a focused, kind, always having the right answer for everything. Many could envy him for his accomplishments in business and enormous further aspiring ambitions. He’s a hugely inspiring business man. Believer in people and ambitious goals – that's our Dmitrij.
Role: CEO.
Secondary role: Founder of ideas
Hobbies: Golf, long distance cycling, mountain hikes.
Other skills: Strategic behaviour and forward thinking.
Raminta Turcinaviciene
Raminta - The right and left hands of both Director and the entire Capital Realty team. She has her own opinion on all the matters, but she never forces it onto somebody else. Always on time and at the right place Raminta is prepared to answer any questions that will pop in her way. In other words, she’s like our „google “. It’s difficult to visualise the team without Raminta who’s always enthusiastic, devoted and the responsible one.
Role: Deputy director
Secondary role: IT projects, WEB and CRM manager
Hobbies: Traveling and roller skating
Other skills: Control and peace keeper and maintainer, organizes and manages stressful situations.
Gintare Valeviciute
Gintare - One of those fortunate professionals who was lucky enough to discover a profession that gives her a rewarding pleasure. She could have endless conversations about Real Estate market and its professionals. Just like real estate agents care for their clients, Gintare sincerely cares for her agents and their preparation for their real estate business. She also holds a very important role in Capital network: Capital event management, synergy activities and other mutual meetings.
Role: Training and Quality Manager
Secondary role: Event management, recruitment
Hobbies: History, Medicine, Music
Aurelija Ceinoryte
Aurelija - Endlessly genuine and a devoted employee. It would be out of character for Aurelija to stop worrying about the smallest things. Aurelija is always ready to give out the helping hand to other as well as use her attention to detail for overall quality monitoring. Responsible for financial operations, she manages to deal with the most accountable tasks. She maintains the relationship between Capital Realty and other Capital offices.
Role: Finance and Administration Manager
Secondary role: Admin responsibilities.
Hobbies: Theatre, cinema, traveling
Other skills: attention to detail