Frequently, the United States are called a dream country. We can safely call the USA real estate market a dream market. This is probably the largest and most successful real estate market in the world.

Real estate in the United States accounts for 30 to 40 per cent of the country’s assets. So, this market is one of the main economic engines. The US real estate market has already recovered after the global financial crisis.  Housing demand is rising in the US, but house price-rises are slowing.  This happens due to increased housing supply and more new-builds are coming to the market, so demand pressures can more easily be met. The fact that builder confidence has returned to levels not seen since 2005 shows that housing continues to improve at a steady pace. All regions of the USA had increases in sales during last year. A stable job growth and an improving economy boosted the demand.

A broker’s profession in the USA has a very long tradition. Extensive attitude of brokers and their high level allow ensuring successful customer service for many years. Most of the transactions in the United States are closed namely with brokers’ assistance. This market gave birth to the largest global real estate franchises that have inspired the establishment of the Capital Realty franchise.

American structure of business and attitude towards brokers as a partner or client would allow CAPITAL competing with major international real estate franchises on this dream market.

We believe that CAPITAL Realty Franchise is going to be successful in USA Real Estate market.

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